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Charlotte applies a combination of executive coaching, metric development, strategic assessment and executive experience to help leaders and their teams exert focused, cohesive, results-oriented change efforts in bureaucratic and politically charged environments. Charlotte has worked with large institutions to produce strategic and operational plans, develop leaders and teams, and design effective organizational performance measurement systems, including Balanced Scorecards.

In the past few years, Charlotte has worked with governmental and not-for-profit organizations, including with several departments in the County of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles City Controller, Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.

As a project manager, she has led international teams addressing HR issues in Fortune 100 organizations, including Asia/Pacific locations organized in Australia, and Europe and the Middle East organized in France.

Before becoming a consultant and coach, Charlotte worked in the governmental and financial services industries. Charlotte spent 20 years at the Port Authority of NY and NJ. She served as the Chief Operating Officer for the General Services Department, responsible for human resource planning, and service delivery for a budget of $60 million and a staff of over 500 unionized and professional staff. She implemented employee involvement and staff-run process improvement teams to include workers in change, within her spheres of responsibility.

In representative projects, working independently, and in strategic partnership with KH Consulting Group, Charlotte:

• Conducted a comparative audit of the selection, performance review, and training practices for police officers at both jurisdictions; recommended best practices and improved coordination in the hiring processes

• Served as project leader for the international implementation of a Shared Services model for Human Resources of a Fortune 100 firm

• Facilitated a succession planning process for a major public sector agency, identifying strategic positions and career paths necessary for sustained effective performance

• Designed and implemented customer service program and team building designed to implement the program for a SAP implementation division in a department of the city of Los Angeles

• Managed elements of Y2K programs for two fortune 100 firms in the San Francisco Bay area, including one international team

• Managed international project implementing on-line management of human resource transactions by managers worldwide

Charlotte holds a Bachelor’s degree, cum laude in History, from Vassar College, and a Master of Public Administration in Intergovernmental Management from the University of Southern California. She is a Certified Trainer in Affirmative Action/EEO, Interaction Management, and Meeting Planning, and is a Certified Integral Coach (New Ventures West.)


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