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Tamiko Kawashima is an accomplished executive coach with 25 years’ field experience. In everything she does, Tamiko lends design, solutions-development and delivery expertise to learning challenges. She always drives and challenges thinking and work processes to yield innovative ways to realize human potential. She is also an inspiring Project Manager who brings both leadership and inspiration to her teams.

Tamiko was part of the pioneering efforts of human resource development in Japan. She has extensive experience in Leadership Development and Coaching and enjoys respect in this field. Her broad experience has also provided her with unique insights to navigating – and harnessing - cultural diversity.

She has touched the lives of over 50,000 participants.

Tamiko has worked with the largest American training and development organization in the world, the American Management Association, where she gained extensive experience in adapting Western management practices and philosophies to Asian perspectives.

Tamiko is committed to making a contribution to everyone with whom she works. Her primary tools are inquiry and the self-reflection that lead to the discovery of identity and realization of potential.


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