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The continuing objective of training is to develop human ability – talent – in a way that enables both individual and organization to pursue mutually beneficial goals.

Rob Schilling has been guided by this principle for more than 20 years now. It is the principle that has assured clients that Rob’s practice is geared for sustained excellence and not simply technical content. Every individual, every team, every organization is a unique entity. That is why every approach is a customized solution.

Having lived in Asia for more than 17 years, Rob is more than equipped with insight and understanding of the multicultural environments that are simultaneously simple and complex.

As such every learning solution is customized to take unique, critical factors into account – from design and content to delivery and post-work. This is a principle that marks a practice that has spanned 25 countries and three continents. Companies and industries served include FMCG, Financial Services, IT, Telecom, Energy, Supply Chain Management and the public sector. Rob has delivered or facilitated at all critical levels of the organizational structure from top management to key operational and staff, executives, across disciplines and functions in multinational and major local companies.

Rob is a California native raised in New York and Los Angeles. He attended university in New Hampshire where he obtained a degree in Psychology.


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